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Vortex Somm Tritan® Edition Aerating Wine Dispenser

Vortex Somm Tritan® Edition Aerating Wine Dispenser

SKU: 500618

The VORTEX Somm aerating wine dispenser is filled by allowing wine to pass through the “rain filter,” aerating the wine and releasing the bouquet on its way into the decanting vessel beneath.  Simply slide up the specially designed stainless-steel gravity fed valve and a glass of wine is served.  Your guests can simply help themselves.


An elegant way to serve wine and all kinds of other beverages, the VORTEX Somm is an eye-catching tabletop conversation piece, sure to be a hit while entertaining.  The extra-strong, shatterproof Tritan® decanter and rain filter set resists breaking, chipping and scratching.  Perfect for worry-free yet elegant dining.  Ideal for outdoor entertaining and everyday use.


The addition of the XL 304 stainless steel spherical chilling ball allows wines and other beverages to be served at the optimal temperature, without compromising the taste. Hygienic and reusable.


PATIO SAFE.   Both Decanter and Rain Filter set are made of durable, beautiful, shatterproof Tritan® for reliable, long-lasting strength, stainless steel, TPR, PP and silicone. BPA Free.


Capacity 1L. Easy to clean, simply rinse.


A professional quality wine tool for wine lovers everywhere.

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