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Vincadi®   The Perfect Gift - Just Add Wine

Celebrate with Vincadi.

The Patented Vincadi® Wine Gift is the perfect gift for any holiday, anniversary, wedding, birthday, special occasion, or simply just to say thank you! 

Give an elegant, high quality and thoughtful present that combines a greeting card, gift tag, bottle decoration and corkscrew into a truly unique gift package, especially when paired with a favorite wine.  Vincadi gifts packages are available in five designs with more on the way and offer year round gift giving opportunities by turning any bottle of wine into a thoughtful and personalized gift.


  • Custom Wine Club Gift

  • Patented On-bottle Presentation

  • Great B2B Gift

  • Year Round Appeal

  • Strong Brand Message

  • Perfect Hostess Gift

  • Elegant way to say thank you

  • Replaces commonplace gift bags & cards

  • Includes high quality Italian corkscrew

The Vincadi® Story

The Patented Vincadi® Wine Gift was born from the simple desire to offer a high quality, versatile wine gift that would stand out from the crowd and be memorable. The concept was to combine a greeting card, gift tag, bottle decoration and corkscrew into a single unique package..


Although bottleneck gift tags have been around for some time, by combining the sentiment of a greeting card and adding in a waiter quality double hinged corkscrew, the Vincadi® wine gift fulfills this desire in an elegant manner.


The Vincadi® truly is a unique gift that enhances any bottle of wine, making it perfect for any holiday, anniversary, birthday, special occasion, hostess/host gift, or just to say thank you.


Celebrate with Vincadi® today,  just add your favorite wine!

Contact us for your own Custom Design to represent your winery or brand!

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